Casa Delta by FIGURA

Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA Casa Delta by FIGURA

Description by FIGURA :

The project began this residence from an interesting idea presented by the client, who wanted a house unconventional. The premise brought by it unfolded from a large triangular core rampado that circulate around all environments, thus eliminating the use of stairs in the house.
The land in question to apply this idea falls abruptly to the bottom – about 20 feet – with slopes exceeding 50%, which hinders their access inside. Given the constraints imposed by the difficult topography, and the unconventional program suggested by the client, the project was organized to optimize their deployment in order to reduce the maximum number of foundations and streamline the movement of land needed to allow vehicle access in intermediate level of the house – another customer’s desire.
A triangular mesh was adopted modulated from an array of side 1.75 m, distributed around the central chute, generating spaces in several semi-peripheral levels. At the end, the resulting plant is a large equilateral triangle of side 21m, and supports spaced every modularly ranging from 5.25 m. Interesting to note that this large triangle, is only clearly seen when viewed in plan. Externally, the eyes of the beholder, we read another volume of the house, breaking the monotony of repetition modular.
This volume resulting accommodates up very well to the topography of the land, and ensures the most favorable orientation. The openings were positioned strategically directing the view of the beautiful scenery that offers a privileged site, while considering the interference of neighbors. Some openings were resolved indirectly to alleviate solar incidence on the west front exaggerated or simply to provide greater privacy.
Designed to accommodate a couple only, the program takes place in several semi-levels: the upper, with direct access to the highest level of the street, a single large room with sitting area and TV; ramp down two flights, one arrives a large integrated kitchen at the same level of external play area, a flight ramp leads down to the garage and small workshop, two bids have ramp below the area of ??services, which can also be accessed externally by the ground, for Finally, one last bid down the ramp, come in intimate part of the house, with the master bedroom and a small living / office-ceilinged triple, situated in the central void of the ramp. This vacuum generated by regular flights of ramp allow visual integration and connection of all rooms of the house, from the living / office on the lower level terraces generated by the semi-deployment levels.

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